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Smart Lighting Solutions

The world around us is evolving. With new technology and innovations shaping the opportunities of the future, we now have countless ways that we can enjoy more energy-efficient, reliable, and intuitive lighting, designed to transform any street or public space into a vision of the future.

At Enerven, we can offer our expertise in everything from traditional lighting solutions, to incredible smart lighting features, designed to help you make the most out of your illumination and smart city strategies. We are growing our range of smart lighting options which allow you to access all the convenience of more efficient public and street lighting, combined with inventive new options for asset monitoring and maintenance, with dynamic control of lighting levels from your portable devices.

With Enerven smart lighting solutions, you can monitor your energy usage in real-time while changing the brightness and performance of different lighting areas as you want to. For example, you can turn up your lights to create a welcoming event space or to develop night economies, or dim your lights to keep waste to a minimum.

Welcome to Your New Smart City

At Enerven, our smart energy experts can help you to create a plan of action for implementing new sustainable strategies into your lighting solution, whether you're looking for an efficient way to power an entire town or just a single street.  We have the skills and understanding required to help you truly understand your lighting needs from an energy-efficient and smart city perspective. In fact, we can even give you the resources you need to create a full smart-city plan, based on a strong foundation of innovative, sustainable lighting services.

The more advanced your smart environment becomes, the more your entire community can benefit from the enhanced opportunities for engagement and amenity provided by a ubiquitous data network. From electric vehicle charging, automated security systems, dynamic digital signage and way-finding, efficient parking solutions, and even intuitive environmental and weather sensors designed to improve comfort and convenience for every resident and visitor. And the data you collect from these systems will build a foundation for ongoing improvements.

If you're ready to explore the street of the future, your journey begins here, with endless potential from Enerven smart lighting services. Contact us, and organise your initial consultation today.

Clever communities begin with Enerven.

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